Keith Rolling

Keith Rolling

Movies like this makes Ponderings from Pluto wonder why Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy’s acting careers never quite resulted in A-List status.

Fresh off his cameo appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, guitarist Keith Richards of England’s rock band The Rolling Stones will star in yet another film that may be more fitting for his physical appearance.

Richards will play a corpse in the sequel and third movie in theWeekend at Bernie’s franchise.

The movie will be called Weekend at Bernie’s 3: Delightfully Dead.

The first film starred Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman as two men whose boss, Bernie Lomax, is murdered. While a party takes place at his weekend beach house, they must try to find out who committed the murder. The guests, in true form for a suspend-your-disbelief comedy, are completely oblivious that the party’s host is deader than the New Coke marketing campaign. One assumes none of them have a sense of smell.

“We couldn’t reach an agreement for [Terry Kiser] to reprise his role as Bernie, and after doing brainstorming we thought Keith Richards was the perfect choice,” said Robert Klane, who wrote the screenplays for both movies and directed the second one. “I mean, Mr. Richards looksdead!”

The third film takes place 21 years after the first film and 17 years after the second film, and Klane added that Richards’ hard-living habits of drinking like a fish and smoking like a refinery give him an appearance of what a corpse would look like after two decades of decomposition.

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