keith richards telecaster wiring diagram

keith richards telecaster wiring diagram

Someday in the near future, I’d like a MIM ’72 Custom, black, of course. It would probably stay in open G tuning for Stones stuff when the mood strikes me.

I’ve seen pics of his, and it appears that he has replaced the two tone knobs with one master tone, and moved the toggle switch down to where one of the tone pots used to live. That is perfect for me, because I’d always hits the switch while playing….maybe he had the same problem?

Would anyone out there have a wiring diagram for such a thing? One four conductor humbucker in the neck, Tele singlecoil in the bridge, two volumes, one tone, and a three way toggle? I’m no electronic guru, and I’d never figure it out on my own….also, what pots would be best to replace the MIMs? While I’m in there, it would get a Switchcraft jack an switch, as well as cloth wiring….

Does anyone have a wiring diagram of how to do this? I’m sure it’s probably ridiculously simple, but then again, so is my mind sometimes….lol.

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