Keith Richards Telecaster humbucker

Keith Richards Telecaster humbucker

What is in Rex’s garage this month? Things have changed around quite a bit since my last update, and I am going to have to make some room. If anything interests you, let me know – there is almost nothing sacred in my shop, and none of it is crap.

Acoustic Guitars: the Simon & Patrick Songsmith hangs in there, and an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ 500RE. It is nice to have an acoustic with onboard electronics again.

Ukuleles: two Kala solid mahogany ukes, a soprano and a tenor. No electronics on these.

Electric Guitars: I currently have two Japanese Les Paul copies: a 1980 Aria Pro II and a 1983 Tokai Love Rock with Burstbuckers. I also have a pair of Japanese Fender Telecasters, a faithful 1852 re-issue and what I believe to be a factory Keith Richards Micawber with a brass bridge and a humbucker at the neck.

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