keith richards style telecaster

keith richards style telecaster

The Fender Telecaster debuted in March of 1950, and the world of music has never looked back. This was the very first solid body electric guitar to be produced in any sort of memorable numbers, and the sound of the thing, and the simple but effective utility of it ensured that solid body electric guitars would be the wave of the future; and so it was.

Quite naturally, the Fender Telecaster was a hit of an instrument that drew in many an aficionado and many a great guitarist made it their instrument of choice. There was precious little to be improved upon, if anything, with the Fender Telecaster – from the time it became available, there were only more options, and not any tremendous steps up the ladder in terms of technology and the electric guitar. The Fender Telecaster is just as viable and useful an instrument today as it was the first day of production.

Besides all of that, the Fender Telecaster has a unique and special sound that needs no effects, but does well with those too. It’s very twangy, and essentially, it is the perfect electric guitar for country music, and country rock.

The Fender Telecaster

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