keith richards signature model telecaster

keith richards signature model telecaster

It just doesn’t get any better than this! This guitar is awesome! Simply the best! This 1975 Telecaster Custom is identical to the one made famous by Keith Richards with an Oly White finish, Black pickguard, and Maple neck. This custom-color Tele Custom is super clean, showing only a few small dings and some light discoloration mainly on back. Easy to play and great-sounding, the Tele Custom is the result of a super-obvious marriage between a traditional Tele template and a Seth Lover designed WRHP in place of the standard single-coil neck pickup. Intuitive, simple, and great, a Tele Custom is the preferred choice of many Tele enthusiasts.The simple, yet effective design of the plank and that revolutionary “Twang” broke ground and set trends in the evolution of Country, Electric Blues and Rock’n Roll. This 1975 Telecaster Custom really has the Rock’n Roll vibe. It’s got that fat Fender humbucker sound at the neck and plenty of smack in the treble. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones loved his 70’s Telecaster Custom so much, that he used it as his main axe for years. He also replaced the neck pickup on his standard Tele with a Gibson Humbucker to get that thicker, creamier sound that the standard Tele didn’t deliver. Fender’s first humbucking design was the wide range humbucker created by Seth Lover, who had overseen the development of the original Gibson humbucker. Lover’s Fender humbucker is felt by many to be brighter with more bottom end than his Gibson versions, and a better match for the classic Fender bridge pickup.

This guitar really has that thick, warm guitar sound that was all the rage during the 70’s, totally different from the 1950s Fender single-coil sound. This guitar, serial number 652263, is in 100% all original, collectors grade complete with the original hardshell case and ashtray bridge cover. The pots codes 3047502 on both of the stackpole pots date to 1975. The CTS pot codes 1377343 and 1377403 date to 1973 and 1974 which is not unusual. The neck pup is dated 190475 which means it’s a ’75 and the neck is also dated 1975. I would say this is a very early ’75. The oly white finish is the rarest of the rare and this blonde beauty is drop dead gorgeous!

This 1975 Tele Custom features; an Ash body, original polyurethane finish, a 1-piece Maple neck w/skunk stripe, bullet truss rod adjustment, tilt neck micro adjustment, (1) Seth lover-designed wide range humbucking pickup, (2) volume (2) tone and a 3-way selector, Fender tuning machines by Schaller, and serial number on the neck plate. In addition to being in extremely clean, condition, this guitar plays, feels, and sounds like an N.O.S. example, with very little fret wear, no playing wear, and extremely efficient and highly functional pickups. The neck is straight, and the action is super low.

This guitar demands to be played. The original Seth Lover pickup in the neck is super warm and fat sounding. Telecaster bridge pickup has that signature Tele twang. All Maple Neck And fretboard. This guitar weighs 10 lbs.She’s light and resonant, complete with that fat warm tone that trickles down your throat and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over.


This guitar is the MOJO of the MASTERS, CAPTURED and ELECTRIFIED in one BEAUTIFUL “PLANK” of WOOD!

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