Keith Guitars

Keith Guitars

Anytime Urban wants to get that classic, twangy Tele sound, he reaches for this custom Danocaster made by Nashville luthier Dan Strain. Simply for esthetics, Urban chose to remove the pickguard. The Voodoo pickups give the guitar a bright snap on tunes such as “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me?”

This 1952 Gibson Les Paul goldtop is tuned to dropped-D and capoed at the first fret for “Stupid Boy.” Nashville guitar guru Joe Glaser created a custom bridge that’s compensated for improved intonation and tailored to Urban’s heavy-handed picking and palm-muting technique.

This Fender Cabronita Tele’s original neck was donated to one of Urban’s Strats and now the guitar sports a meaty replacement neck. The original pickups were swapped out for a pair of Lindy Fralin P-90s, but the guitar still has Fender’s Greasebucket tone circuit, which is accessed via a push-button volume pot.

Originally, this Strat began as a Robert Cray signature hardtail Strat. Joe Glaser modified it with a mirrored pickguard and a Cabronita Tele neck. The electronics include a Clapton mid-boost circuit along with a pair of DiMarzio pickups: an Area 67 in the bridge and an Injector in the middle position

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